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Dissertations from PhD graduates

2023 Zhuoyi Zhao Real options-based models of economic decisions toward sustainability: The cases of blockchain-based supply chain enhancements, asphalt roads resurfacing, and conversion from conventional to cool roofs
2022 Shaodong Wang Novel clinical outcome models using heterogeneous electronic healthcare record (EHR) data
2022 Hanisha Vemireddy The role of test locations in early-stage plant breeding: Identifying discriminating locations and extrapolating performance to locations that are not observed
2022 Jacklin Stonewall Development and evaluation of training to increase student perceptions of fairness in peer assessment
2022 Pramiti Sarker Use of inventory control theory and multi-objective optimization to model work-rest scheduling
2022 Sharon Lau Reducing measurement error in magnetic particle inspection through the optimization of process parameters and artificially intelligent solutions
2022 Carl Kirpes The value of 3D product model deployment to complex production and assembly processes
2022 Saeed Khaki Novel deep learning-based methods for high-throughput image-based plant phenotyping and large scale crop yield prediction
2022 Mohammad Fili Developing machine learning solutions for healthcare problems
2022 Chih-Yuan Chu Text analytics for supply chain risk management
2022 Reyhaneh Bijari Accounting for rank uncertainty in decision making for plant breeding
2022 Luning Bi Deep learning approaches for yield prediction and crop disease recognition
2022 Gorkem Emirhuseyinoglu Insights from stochastic programs on aligning farmer profit motive with environmental goals
2022 Atefeh Rajabalizadeh Consistency in integer programming
2022 Fatemeh Amini Application of optimization and simulation models in Genomic prediction and Genomic selection
2022 Xue Lei Analyzing the Risk of Mass Shootings in the United States
2022 Xing Zhang Selective laser melting of high-performance titanium alloys: process, microstructure and properties
2021 Xiaoshi Guo Improving Time Series and Cross-Sectional Momentum Trading Strategies using Stochastic Programming
2021 Samira Karimzadeh Data-driven optimization decision support for plant breeding
2021 Saba Moeinizade Simulation-based optimization and reinforcement learning methods to improve decision making in agriculture
2021 Emmanuel Tetteh Using biomechanical data to explore the utility of exoskeleton intervention for work-related musculoskeletal disorders in the surgeons
2021 Mohammad Shahhosseini Optimized ensemble learning and its application in agriculture
2021 Javad Ansarifar Machine learning and optimization algorithms and their applications in agriculture
2021 Colten Fales Accelerations of Trunk and Limb Assessment System (ALTAS): A Monte-Carlo simulation approach to dynamic work evaluation for the agricultural sector
2021 Vahid Azizi Decision making framework in deterministic and stochastic forward/reverse logistics supply chain design
2021 Daniel Schimpf Objective surface inspection and semi-automated material removal for metal castings
2021 Xiao Zhang Development of process control and material for micro/nano-scale electrohydrodynamic inkjet manufacturing
2020 Hamid Norasi A systems-level evaluation of the biomechanical response of the cervical spine to sagittal plane flexion
2020 Ramin Giahi Sequential decision making and simulation-optimization for the design of complex engineering
2020 Ali Baghersaghchi Khorasani A theoretical and experimental study of geometry, microstructure and mechanical properties of 316l stainless steel manufactured by direct energy deposition-based hybrid manufacturing
2020 Maryam Nikouei-Mehr Discovering Interacting Features for Prediction of Response
2019 Jamiahus Walton Evaluating the effect of displaying team vs. individual metrics on team performance
2019 Guangyu Hou Computing tool accessibility of polyhedral models for toolpath planning in multi-axis machining
2019 Dan Hu Short-term operation of the power system and the natural gas system considering uncertainties
2019 Thomas Schnieders A top-down human-centered approach to exoskeleton design
2019 Yu Du The development of a virtual operator model to enable closed-loop, computer-based design
2018 Hieu Pham Generalized weighting for bagged ensembles
2018 Shiyang Huang Optimization of job shop scheduling with material handling by an automated guided vehicle
2018 Mostafa Amin-Naseri Adopting and incorporating crowdsourced traffic data in advanced transportation management systems
2018 Fikri Kucuksayacigil Real options models and analyses for energy transportation systems with jump and diffusion processes: Electric power transmission planning and fuel-carrying ship design
2018 Ge Claire Guo Solution methods and bounds for two-stage risk-neutral and multistage risk-averse stochastic mixed-integer programs with applications in energy and manufacturing
2018 Yihua Li Investment decision-making in clean energy under uncertainties: a real options approach
2018 Ahmad Mumani User-packaging interaction (UPI): A comprehensive research platform and techniques for improvement, evaluation, and design
2018 Esra’a Abdel-All The implication of rapid technologies on the design process
2017 Davood Hajinezhad Distributed nonconvex optimizations: Algorithms and convergence analysis
2017 Ye Han Operations research applications in multi-allelic trait introgression in plant breeding
2017 Qi Li Decision making under uncertainties for renewable energy and precision agriculture
2017 Didem Sari Scenario generation quality assessment for two-stage stochastic programs
2016 SeyyedAli HaddadSisakht Multi-stage stochastic and robust optimization for closed-loop supply chain design
2016 Euijung Yang Mitigating user frustration through adaptive feedback based on human automation etiquette strategies
2016 Mohammad Rahdar Three essays on multi-level optimization models and applications
2016 Bokan Chen Applications of optimization under uncertainty methods on power system planning problems
2016 Huiyi Zhang Reducing Uncertainty in Wind Turbine Blade Health Inspection with Image Processing Techniques
2015 Siqi Zhu An automated method for the layup of fiberglass fabric
2015 Leilei Zhang Biofuel supply chain, market, and policy analysis
2015 Mostafa Fawzy A Multi-Criteria Decision Framework for Unstructured Complex Problem: A Strategy for Biofuel Production
2014 Yonghan Feng Scenario Generation and Reduction for Long-term and Short-term Power System Generation Planning under Uncertainties
2014 Zhaoyang Duan Three papers on inverse optimization algorithms, PEV sales forecasting, and PEVs’ potential impact on power systems
2014 Chenlu Lou Economic Decision Making of Renewable Power Producers Under Uncertainty
2014 Walter Dean Bennette Instance selection for model-based classifiers
2014 Shuangyan Lei Process planning for the subtractive rapid manufacturing of heterogeneous materials: Applications for automated bone implant manufacturing


Theses from Masters graduates

2023 Curtis Peters A value-focused thinking approach to emergency management and community preparedness
2023 Kathryn Lieffrig Investigating the Feasibility of Performing Ergonomic Assessment in Virtual Reality
2022 Joseph Kim A multifaceted approach to evaluating surgical exoskeletons
2022 Sri Ram Manidileep Aravapalli An automatic inspection approach for remanufacturing components using object detection
2022 Nathan Sepich Workload’s significant impact on cybersickness: A new frontier
2022 Ishan Patel A machine learning approach to understand nitrate leaching in Iowa watersheds
2022 Mriga Kher Estimating genotype sensitivity according to location & year effects
2020 Fatima Mgaedeh Human factors impact of COVID-19 face mask usage for essential workers: Engineering evaluation of mask usage
2020 Charchit Shukla An analysis of billion-dollar natural disasters in the United States
2020 Jeffrey Tscherter A Process and Investigation into the Influence of Cast Surface Condition on Fatigue Life
2020 Steve Paul Optimizing strategies to mitigate risk in a supply chain disruption
2020 Jordyn Koenig A quantitative assessment of the effects of passive upper extremity exoskeletons on sonographer’s muscle activity and posture while performing transthoracic echocardiograms
2020 Cong Xu Assessment of Human and Multiple UAVs Interaction in Police Clearing Operations
2020 Eric Weflen A hybrid additive and subtractive manufacturing approach for multi-material components
2020 Logan Beguhn Root structure design for hybrid manufacturing of multi-material structures
2020 Ramanathan Annamalai Evaluating the effect of sensor limitations in flight vision systems on pilot performance
2020 Drew Schweiger Improving performance in an office environment via training the non-dominant hand on the computer mouse: A study of learning curve of the non-dominant hand and the bilateral transfer effect to the dominant hand
2020 Sandeep Ravi-Kumar Experimental studies and simulation of laser ablation of high-density polyethylene films
2020 Prashant Polampally 3D printing and characterization of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and methylcellulose for biodegradable support structures
2020 Steve Kryk Demonstration of the value of a graphics-based decision support system for order picking warehouse design
2020 Wonseok Kim The risk analysis for the introduction of collaborative robots in the Republic of Korea
2020 Karthick Manikandan Gopalakrishnan Deivanai Additive Printing for Civil Infrastructure: Assessing Concrete Mix Design, Printability and Nozzle Effects
2019 Benjamin Lies In-situ metrology for electrohydrodynamic inkjet printing towards micro/nano scale hybrid manufacturing
2019 Kaitlyn M. Ouverson Intelligent Team Tutoring: An analysis of communication, cognition, cooperation, and coordination
2019 Varun Ananthasivan A user-centered engineering approach to storage and access in high priority scenarios
2019 Farshad Niayeshpour Engineering Valuation of Blockchain technology in the context of Petroleum Supply Chain: A Real Options approach
2019 Sharon Lau Effects of surface roughness on the reliability of magnetic particle inspection for the detection of subsurface indications in steel castings
2019 Ben Lies In-situ metrology for electrohydrodynamic inkjet printing towards micro/nano scale hybrid manufacturing
2019 Ashley Swift Optimizing the design of planting experiments for agriculture crops
2019 Hunter Sabers Performance archery shooting
2019 Enrique Alameda-Basora A dynamic Bayesian network to predict the total points scored in national basketball association games
2018 Vrishtee Rane An analysis of using online testing modules in engineering economics
2018 Sarath Chennamkulam Renjith A design framework for additive manufacturing based on the integration of axiomatic design approach, inverse problem-solving and an additive manufacturing database
2018 Preetam Kulkarni Interaction of optimization models and information sharing in a two echelon supply chain
2018 Brandon Landowski A Multiple Decision-Maker Approach to Allocating Resources to Prepare and Respond to Major Disruptions
2018 Anusha Velineni Investigation on selected factors causing variability in additive manufactured parts
2018 Shubham Prashant Khoje An assessment tool to determine the appropriateness of engineering design projects for gender bias, ambiguity, and major relatedness
2018 Katherine Volz Cognitive skill degradation: Analysis and evaluation in flight planning
2018 Saba Moeinizade A stochastic simulation approach for improving response in genomic selection
2018 Alicia Guzmán Gutiérrez Evaluating manufacturing energy consumption for a part using geometry
2018 Wanyu Huang Exploring households’ weatherization adoptions: an agent-based approach
2017 Lei Yao A resource allocation model for deep uncertainty (RAM-DU), with application to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
2017 Sarat Sivaprasad What does decision making with intervals really assume? The relationship between the Hurwicz decision rule and prescriptive decision analysis
2017 Jaipravin Vijayarangan Non-contact method to assess the surface roughness of metal castings by 3D laser scanning
2017 Ziyang He A medial axis transformation based process planning method for rapid tooling
2017 Alexandria Stewart Active shooter simulations: An agent-based model of civilian response strategy
2017 Dean Jose The impact of scientific management principles on food hub
2017 Goutham Ramaraj Production planning in different stages of a manufacturing supply chain under multiple uncertainties
2017 Zhonglun Wang How packaging characteristics change the perception of product net weight
2017 Alisha Smith Definition and development of a measurement instrument for compellingness in human computer interaction
2017 Aditya-Kiran Pathak Estimating production losses from disruptions based on stock market returns: Applications to 9/11 attacks, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and Hurricane Sandy
2017 Haoran Sun Learning to optimize: Training deep neural networks for wireless resource management
2017 Arun Vinayak Quantitative models for supply chain risk analysis from a firm’s perspective
2017 Michael Hoefer Automated Design for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Using Geometric Data Mining and Machine Learning
2017 Minxiang Zhang Demand forecasting and decision making under uncertainty for long-term production planning in aviation industry
2017 Xue Lei Static and dynamic fault tree analysis with application to hybrid vehicle systems and supply chains
2017 Anupam Singh Analysis of force, time, energy, psychological demand and safety of common kicks in martial arts
2017 Kellie McGrath Smoking Cessation: A Human Factors Solution Approach
2017 Terry Craven Evaluating disintermediation in regional food systems using agent-based modeling
2016 Midhun Vasan EVALUATION of computer workstation standards
2016 Zoe Eagle Comparison of features, usability, and load carrying design of recreational and travel backpacks when considering travel applications
2016 Krishna Leela Rajana Investigation of the simple mattress suturing technique
2016 Colten Fales Are We Done Yet?: A study of the effects of defined goals and progressive feedback on task performance and perceptions
2016 Matthew Goiffon Optimal population value selection: A population-based selection strategy for genomic selection
2016 Jingyu Liu Designing Intelligent Language Tutoring System for Learning Chinese Characters
2016 Daniel Van Groningen Effects of outsole shoe patterns on athletic performance
2016 Kiersten Eberhart A method for fixturing, scanning, and reorienting an additively manufactured part in preparation subsequent machining
2016 Tyler Fox Recycling wind turbine blade composite material as aggregate in concrete
2016 Nicholas Hennessy A rapid tooling method using ultrasonic welding and machining
2016 Olivia Janusz Evaluation of modern day kitchen knives: An ergonomic and biomechanical approach to design
2016 Vishal Mane An effective method to reduce smearing in machining of metallic foams using ice as an infiltrant
2016 Anuj Mittal Hybrid Simulation Modeling for Regional Food Systems
2016 Thomas Schnieders ARCTiC LawE Armed Robotic Control for Training in Civilian Law Enforcement
2016 Jacklin Stonewall Website gender perceptions: Effects and recommendations for gender inclusivity
2016 Michelle Voelker Quantitative surface inspection methods for metal castings
2015 Pratik Pingle Selection of obsolescence resolution strategy based on a multi criteria decision model
2015 Connor Jennings Forecasting obsolescence risk and product lifecycle with machine learning
2015 Guangyu Hou Computing axes of rotation for 4-axis CNC milling machine by calculating global visibility map from slice geometry
2015 Hardik Bora Analysis of Supplier Selection Policies for Regional Food Systems using Multi-Agent Simulation
2015 Jianqiang Li Effect of Cryomilling on Zinc Sulfide Effectiveness as Antibacterial Substance for Burn Wound Healing
2015 Melissa Slagle Bulk Manufacture of Complex Geometry Millirod Implants and Their Degradation and Drug Delivery Characteristics
2015 Pallavi Dubey Application of Analytic Tools for Materials Selection
2015 Abdolghani Ebrahimi Rate control of a queue with quality-of-service constraint under bounded and unbounded
action spaces
2015 Dan Hu Short-term scheduling of a combined natural gas and electric power system with wind energy
2015 Benjamin Jacobson The efficient classroom: How team-based learning and lecture video acceleration affect the learning efficiency and effectiveness of a first-year engineering course
2015 Niechen Chen The development and implementation of a reverse engineering method for near net shape parts
2015 Mostafa Amin-Naseri Cognitive work analysis and simulation (CWAS): Practical use of cognitive work analysis in system design
2015 Jamiahus Walton Comparing team feedback in a Team Multiple Errands Test
2015 Xin Wang Study of team building based on 3D game
2015 Esmaeil Keyvanshokooh Hybrid robust and stochastic optimization for closed-loop supply chain network design using accelerated Benders decomposition
2015 Dongwook Kim Learning dispatching rules via an association rule mining approach
2015 Heidi Laabs Evaluation of dual purpose softball gloves
2015 Tianxiang Gao Hybrid classication approach of SMOTE and instance selection for imbalanced
2015 Kathryne Schomburg Identifying Relationships between Systems Engineering Processes and Project Success in NASA Complex Projects and Other Organizations
2015 Morgan Hampel A psychophysical study on the effect protective equipment has on contact sport athletes
2015 Lijin Kottayil Raghavan Industrial looks at ways of manufacturing defects of fiber reinforced polymer composites
2015 Alexandra Olsen Improvement of surgery duration estimation using statistical methods and analysis of scheduling policies using discrete event simulation
2015 Liu Su An optimization model for land allocation between bioenergy crops and grain crops and an optimization model for identifying the most vulnerable links in a transportation network
2014 Austin D. Sullivan Determining an inter-rater agreement metric for researchers evaluating student pathways in problem solving
2014 Qi Li Process modeling and supply chain design for advanced biofuel production based on bio-oil gasification
2014 Mengmeng Chen Policy based reinforcement learning approach Of Jobshop scheduling with high level deadlock detection
2014 Sarah Gidlewski The use of formative assessments in traditional and hybrid lecture-labs of industrial engineering undergraduates and their motivational profiles
2014 Jordan Lee Hansen Systems engineering in commercial and government organizations
2014 Yang-Hua Wu A stochastic mathematical program with complementary constraints for market-wide power generation and transmission expansion planning


Creative Components from Masters graduates

2023 Blake Clark Evaluating the Optimal Exit Point and Timing of Switching From 100% Biodiesel to Petroleum Diesel in a Carbon Priced Environment
2022 Jay Ghodke Evaluating the value of the option to build a new transmission line under demand uncertainty
2022 Eric Sesterhenn Evaluating the Effectiveness of Machine Learning Models for Identifying Superstar Firms
2021 Sanjay Raj Thangavel DEMCO Side-dump Trailer Final Assembly Line Improvement: A Case Study
2020 Shamika Pujari Characterizing an automation level-based safety assessment tool to improve fluency in safe human cobot interaction
2020 Sidharth Sankhye Machine Learning Methods for Quality Prediction in Manufacturing Inspection
2020 Viren Parwani Improving Manufacturing Supply Chains by Integrating Lean Six Sigma and Production Scheduling
2020 Sourabh Choudhari A Quality Control Case Study of Kitchen Appliance Production: An Engineering Case for Graduate Education
2019 Kevin Korniejczuk Simulating severe supply chain disruptions with multiple suppliers and firms
2019 Yurui Li Principal Global Investor Dynamic Risk Premia performance tracking project-binary classification validation and visualization
2018 Arul Ganesan Automated ergonomics assessment of material handling activities
2018 Krishna Varun Sai Kotta Comparing decision making using expected utility, robust decision making, and information-gap: Application to capacity expansion for airplane manufacturing
2018 Jinchi Li The influence of the unit commitment plan on the variance of electric power production cost

Theses and dissertations before 2014

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