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An Industrial Engineer In The Making

Join our close-knit community of problem-solvers, where we foster an exciting culture of continuous improvement.

Teaching Laboratories

State-of-the-art teaching labs and work spaces help to train and prepare students for careers with hands-on learning opportunities.

Learning Communities

Making connections with common interests. Explore all the possibilities to find the community that’s right for you.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The IMSE Undergraduate Student Research Program (URA) offers undergraduate students the opportunity to work directly for and with faculty on current research projects. Because the faculty have very diverse research interests, students have the chance to gain research experience in specific areas of interest. Appointments are for 5-10 hours/week, last ten weeks, and include a final presentation day with all participants (faculty and students) in the Undergraduate Research Program each semester. Assignments are meant to benefit students (and faculty) on multiple levels.

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Capstone Design

Industrial Engineering 441 Capstone Design is a one-semester senior design course in which students engage in industry projects and practice industrial engineering under the guidance of an experienced Registered Professional Engineer, as well as engineers and managers from a sponsor company. The objective of these projects is to provide economic value to the company and a practical education to the students.

Student Organizations

There are many opportunities to explore the industrial engineering profession. Be part of a professional organization and meet with other students at ISU as well as other universities. Develop your leadership skills while serving as an officer in the organization. Meet professionals at conferences and and see current industrial engineering practices at companies. Get involved in service projects and learn about the needs of the community.

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IMSE-affiliated student organizations

Study Abroad

Find information about study and/or work abroad programs, courses you can enroll in and transfer, financial aid, student organizations, and how to get involved in international activities.

Internships and Co-ops

  • $23/hr

    average industrial engineering co-op and internship salaries

Co-ops and internships are periods of institutionally supervised work experience that supplement formal academic classwork. Students are employed by industry and government organizations in positions related to their major field of study. Unlike a typical part-time or summer job, an engineering co-op or internship must Involve the Practice of Engineering, and students must be paid.

Learn more about internships on the Career Services website.

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    Engineer your future

    Preparing for professional employment and the job search process is a multi-year process. Let Engineering Career Services help you be successful in starting your professional career. Whether you are working to secure your first internship or seeking post-graduation employment, we can assist you. Our services are provided at no-cost and we would love to help you engineer your career.