Research Focus Areas

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    Operations Research and Analytics

    Operations research and analytics is the application of advanced analytical methods to make better data-driven decisions with less risk. Faculty in this area use mathematical and computer models that incorporate simulation, optimization, probability and statistics to understand complex systems and improve system performance.

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    Advanced Manufacturing

    Advanced manufacturing research includes investigating new production methods for advanced products, studying process parameters, and understanding the interaction of processes in advanced manufacturing systems. Current efforts in this area include rapid manufacturing systems, advanced metrology and inspection, control and automation systems, and industrial energy efficiency.

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    Human Factors and Ergonomics

    Human factors and ergonomics research involves applying our understanding of a person’s physical capabilities and limitations in order to create more ergonomic workplaces and consumer goods. Research initiatives include physical ergonomics, like prevention of lower back injuries and hand or wrist disorders such as tendinitis, along with cognitive engineering studies on augmented human performance and human-computer interaction.