Learning Goals

Graduate Learning Goals:  Programs Administered by IMSE


The learning goals of the graduate programs in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing systems Engineering (IMSE) are differentiated based on whether the graduate program is research based or course based.  The research-based programs include PhD in Industrial Engineering (PhD IE) or Master of Science in Industrial Engineering with thesis (MSIE-thesis) or Master of Science in Industrial Engineering with creative component (MSIE-CC).  The coursework-only graduate programs administered through IMSE are the Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering (MEngIE), Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering (MEngSysE), and Master of Engineering in Engineering Management (MEngEM).

Learning Goals for PhD IE & MSIE-thesis & MSIE-CC

  1. Demonstrate comprehensive understanding of scholarly literature in a field of study related to IE.
  2. Create and articulate a research question that, when addressed, will lead to significant contributions to a field of study related to IE.
  3. Conduct quality research that addresses the research question posed.

Learning Goals for MEngIE & MEngSysE & MEngEM

  1. Demonstrate learning of state-of-the-art in focus area (IE or SysE or EM).
  2. Demonstrate learning of all graduate level coursework.