Learning Communities

IDEAL (InDustrial Engineers are Leaders) Learning Communities

At Iowa State University, learning communities are groups of students who generally take several courses together and are in similar major programs. IDEAL Learning Communities help Industrial Engineering students transition into college life by developing a supportive network of students, peer mentors, faculty and staff. Peer mentors are successful, experienced IE students who share their academic, internship, study abroad and campus involvement experiences with community members. They regularly schedule out-of-class activities, ranging from study groups to social events.

Fall 2020 Virtual Study Hours available Monday through Thursday from 5pm -7pm via Zoom.
Contact idealpm@iastate.edu for more details.

2020-2021 IDEAL Peer Mentors
Madison Arndt
Year: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Industrial Engineering
Hometown: Crystal Lake, Illinois
Hobbies: Working out, watching the Cubs, being with friends, and traveling.
Clubs and organizations: Institute of Industrial Systems Engineers (IISE).
Favorite memory at ISU: My first ISU tailgate and football game with all of my friends!
Advice for new students: Take advantage of every resource given to you. The transition into college can be difficult and it’s definitely easier when you reach out for help. Don’t think you’re in this alone!
Interesting fact about me: I have chapstick with me at all times.
Chloe Baker
Major/Minor:  Industrial Engineering
Hometown:  Spencer, Iowa
Hobbies:  Hiking, watching movies with friend, and swimming
Clubs and organizations:  The Institute of Industrial Systems Engineering, The Engineering Ambassador Mentor Program
Favorite memory at ISU: Meeting my closest friends freshman year and tailgating at the ISU football games!
Advice for new students:  Get out there and try something new! You never know who you’ll meet or how fun it’ll be unless you try.
Interesting fact about me: I live by the largest natural lakes in Iowa.
Landon Getting
Major/Minor: Industrial Engineering
Hometown: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Hobbies: Ping pong, tennis, longboarding, and playing board games with friends.
Clubs and organizations: Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers (IISE), Rapid Manufacturing Club (RMC), Alpha Pi Mu (IE Honor Society), Tau Beta Pi (Engr. Honor Society)
Favorite memory at ISU: Dancing in the rain with the student section while waiting for the 2019 ISU vs Iowa Football game to resume due to weather delays.
Advice for new students: Take advantage of Iowa State’s resources and join campus organizations! There are a lot of opportunities to help you acclimate to the University and meet new people.
Interesting fact about me: I had to make an emergency landing on a gravel road while taking flight training lessons after my sophomore year of high school.
Eugene Meyer
Major/Minor:  Industrial Engineering
Hometown:  Mount Prospect, Illinois
Hobbies:  Ultimate Frisbee, guitar, camping, baking/cooking, video games
Clubs and organizations:  IISE, ISUC, Boy Scouts
Advice for new students:  Put yourself out there, you won’t be disappointed with the results.
Interesting fact about me:  I grind my own wheat into flour whenever I make recipes, and I have several different types for different applications!
Kristen Naber
Major/Minor:  Industrial Engineering
Hometown:  Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Hobbies:  Yoga and anything outdoors
Clubs and organizations:  IISE and Alpha Sigma Kappa
Favorite memory at ISU:  Tailgating with friends before football games
Advice for new students:  Put yourself out there! Not only will it benefit you through clubs and activities but also with peers and faculty. Some of my closest friends I met my first day of class at ISU.
Interesting fact about me: I have a 1 year old cocker spaniel named Maui (from Moana)!
Emma Stobbe
Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Industrial Engineering, Languages and Cultures for Professions (Spanish)
Hometown: Shoreview, Minnesota
Hobbies: playing soccer, playing cello, drawing, and watching movies
Clubs and organizations: WISE, SWE, Honors College, Spanish Club
Favorite memory at ISU: Rushing the field after ISU won their football game against West Virginia.
Advice for new students: Make sure that organizing your time is a priority and practice that right away so you can excel in school and have time to be social and meet new people.
Interesting fact about me: I love coffee mugs and I have too many for my own good.
Macie VanNurden
Third Year
Major/Minor: Industrial Engineering
Hometown: River Falls, Wisconsin
Hobbies: Singing, shopping, painting my nails and bullet journaling
Clubs and organizations: Institute of Industrial Systems Engineers (IISE), Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE), Sales Engineering Club, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society
Favorite memory at ISU: Move in day! It was such a liberating and exciting time. I loved setting up my dorm room and meeting all my new neighbors and future friends!
Advice for new students: Stay balanced! Make time to meet people and get involved but don’t let that take away from your studies and personal time!
Interesting fact about me: I never leave the house without my nails being painted.
Erik Zeller
Major/Minor: Industrial Engineering / Engineering Sales & Religious Studies
Hometown: Winona, Minnesota
Hobbies: I love movies (please give suggestions) and exploring campus.
Clubs and organizations: TEAM (The Engineering Ambassador & Mentorship Program)
Favorite memory at ISU: Spending a summer working in New Student Programs as a Cyclone Aide
Advice for new students: The biggest advantage you can give yourself is showing up. Whether it’s in the classroom, at career fairs, or just about any other situation– being physically present opens up many opportunities.
Interesting fact about me: I made Woody Harrelson laugh.
Abby Zimmerman
Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Industrial Engineering with a minor in General Business
Hometown:  Iowa City, Iowa
Hobbies:  Hanging out with friends and family, hiking, running, traveling, cooking, finding new music and doing anything outdoors
Clubs and organizations: Student Alumni Leadership Council, The Salt Company, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, Alpha Pi Mu Industrial Engineering Honor Society, Iowa State University Dance Marathon
Favorite memory at ISU: Storming the field at Jack Trice Stadium!
Advice for new students: Step out of your comfort zone in both your academic and social spheres. Some of the best experiences I’ve had during college resulted from challenging myself to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and it’s in those situations that I grew the most
Interesting fact about me: I am the youngest of 5 kids who all went to ISU