C.G. “Turk” Therkildsen
Joyce Therkildsen

The Power of Love, Education and an Entrepreneurial Spirit

It’s a moment in life you don’t forget: C.G. Therkildsen was at the Iowa State library the fall of 1956 at his Sig Ep fraternity study table when he noticed a beautiful co-ed sitting across the aisle at the Delta Delta Delta sorority study table. It was Joyce McEwen, and “Turk,” as his friends call him, had just set eyes on the love of his life.

Joyce and T.C. "Turk" Therkildsen

Iowa State gave Joyce and me a great start in life. Sixty-six years ago, it brought us together, and our degrees equipped us with untold confidence and determination. The IE building is our thank you to Iowa State.

C.G. “Turk” Therkildsen