Construction Progress

Live view from Howe Hall:

Live view from Beyer Hall:

August 2023

  • Steel erection in progress
  • Central core precast concrete panel work in progress (see attached photo taken 08/15/23)
  • East and west stair precast concrete panel work in progress
  • Underground storm precast work in progress

July 2023

  • Basement slab and backfill are complete
  • Construction on the electrical vault and installation of the stormwater detention system are in progress
  • Installation of the precast concrete panels is set to begin
  • Concrete work on Sheldon Avenue and Parking Lot 10 is complete; installation of retaining walls and lighting is now in progress

June 2023

May 2023

  • Backfill for the elevator pit is now in progress
  • Steam vault construction has begun
  • Installation of formwork and pours for basement footings and walls continues (shown below)

April 2023

  • Chilled water line connection to Thielen is in progress
  • Excavation and installation of formwork for basement footings continues

March 2023

  • Excavation for basement footings is in progress, including the elevator pit
  • Chilled water line connection to Thielen in progress
  • Installation of aggregate piers complete
  • Backfilling for chilled water line work in progress
  • Shoring in place to support existing duct bank

February 2023

  • Site work on chilled water lines continues
  • Preparation for installation of aggregate piers in progress
  • Shoring for existing underground telecom duct bank in progress
  • Sanitary sewer work on the site continues
  • Sewer tie-ins to Howe Hall and Thielen Student Health Center are complete

January 2023

  • Site is turned over to Story Construction
  • Perimeter fencing installed, job trailers set up, and concrete demolition in progress