SWEEET – Module 3


This module discusses demand lattice. Section 1 of this module is an excel file consisting of all inputs of a demand lattice and displays a three time-period demand lattice as output. Section 2 is a guide to help the users to understand the content of the excel file in section 1. This section explains what demand lattice is, what the inputs are, and how we can use these inputs to get the output. We hope, with the help of the guide and the input/output given in section 1, users will fully understand the process of constructing a demand lattice. Later, in section 3, we have added a “Try yourself” version of the previous excel file, where users can modify the inputs to create a demand lattice of their need.


Section 1. Demand lattice


Section 2. A guide on demand lattice


Section 3. Demand lattice – Try yourself


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