Resources and Services (Where do I go for . . .?)

Travel Forms and Guidelines


Conference Room and Meeting Space Reservations 


Access and Facilities Requests and Services


Student Workers


Academic Forms and Requests


Workday and WorkCyte Phase II Resources


IT and Printing


Other Resources


Administrative Requests and Services


Staff Responsibilities

Administrative Assistant

– Handle key requests and conference room reservations
– Manage faculty travel
– Manage supplies and mail operations
– Manage hourly payroll
– Coordinate URA program

Assistant to the Chair

Krista Briley

– Manage department main office and projects
– Provide personnel administrative support
– Plan and coordinate events
– Manage external relations

Teaching Lab Coordinator

Photo of Krista Briley

– Assist with lab sessions for IE 248 and 348
– Configure and maintain lab space, equipment and supplies

Lab Supervisor

Photo of Krista Briley

– Coordinate teaching and research labs
– Department safety coordinator
– Department machinist
– Black Engineering building supervisor

DataFEWsion Program Coordinator

photo of cynthia lidtke

– Manage operations of the DataFEWSion Graduate Traineeship
– Recruit students for the DataFEWSion Graduate Traineeship

Academic Advisor

Photo of Krista Briley

– Provide academic guidance for undergraduate students
– Coordinate Freshman Learning Communities
– Recruit undergraduate students

Communications Specialist

Photo of Krista Briley

– Maintain department website and social media channels
– Develop and maintain newsletters and various print materials
– Coordinate photos and videos

Student Services and Success Coordinator

Photo of Krista Briley

– Supervise the Student Services offices
– Advise undergraduate and concurrent students
– Review, schedule and approve department courses

Systems Support Specialist

photo of cynthia lidtke

– Maintain and procure IT hardware and software
– Support and troubleshoot IT/printing needs in department computer labs and offices

Graduate Program Coordinator

Photo of Krista Briley

– Provide support for graduate programs
– Coordinate graduate student orientation and assistantships
– Support course textbook requests
– Recruit graduate students

Budget Analyst

Photo of Krista Briley

– Provide cost center analysis
– Manage department budgets and accounts