Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing research includes the investigation of new production methods for advanced products, studying process parameters of new processes, and understanding the interaction of processes in advanced manufacturing systems. Current IMSE efforts in this area include rapid manufacturing systems, advanced metrology and inspection, control and automation systems, and industrial energy efficiency.



By integrating geometric modeling with process control principles, we are developing new automated systems for manufacturing operations. Examples shown include an automated metal part grinding system, a 4-axis automated welding machine and a rapid manufacturing system for metal casting patterns.


We investigate new methods for measuring and monitoring manufacturing systems. Examples include advanced imaging systems for efficiency studies and temperature profile monitoring for heat treatment of metal castings. In addition, we have developed an inspection mapping software package that can track defects in manufactured parts using a 3D CAD model.
In the Rapid Manufacturing and Prototyping Laboratory (RMPL), we are developing new methods for rapid prototyping and more importantly, rapid manufacturing. Rapid manufacturing is an integrated system including automatic generation of process plans and an automated fabrication process. The end result is a functional custom component (not just a model) without the pre-process engineering time and skill normally required in manufacturing.
In the Flexible Electronics and Additive Printing Laboratory (FEAP) laboratory, we focus on micro/nano scale manufacturing process control and optimization. The main techniques are electrohydrodynamic inkjet printing and excimer laser ablation. The ultimate goal is to develop a hybrid manufacturing system for micro/nano scale rapid prototyping of electronic components.


Yiliang (Leon) Liao


Laser-assisted Advanced Manufacturing

  • Laser-based metal 3D printing
  • Laser shock processing
  • Modeling of laser-matter interaction

Micro/Nanoscale Manufacturing of Functional Materials

  • Supercapacitor and battery
  • Soft devices and robotics

Advanced Processing of Engineering Materials

  • Improved durability: fatigue, tribology, corrosion resistance
  • Surface engineering
  • Multiscale computational modeling: process-microstructure-property

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