A profile of my online course IE 305 Engineering Economic Analysis during the first Winter session at ISU.

A profile of teaching IE 413 Stochastic Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation during the pandemic.

A video discussing the final simulation project–modeling airport operations–for IE 413 Stochastic Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation in 2019

A video of me talking about an exercise in IE 564 Decision Analysis (taken from Ron Howard’s decision analysis class at Stanford)

A video talking about a class exercise in IE 561 Total Quality Management (taken from Dr. Deming)

Rohit Suresh discusses his research on his value-focused thinking approach to assess community resilience. This was part of his master’s student.

My work on designing a hurricane decision simulator training tool for the U.S. Marine Forces Reserve was profiled in an ISU Engineering video.

Ph.D. student Xue Lei describes her work on assessing the reliability of a hybrid vehicle. (This was part of her master’s thesis.)

NPS provides early warning training tool to Gulf Coast Marines by MC3 Brian H. Abel, Naval Postgraduate School, August 1, 2016.

DRMI turns 50. A YouTube video on the department where I used to teach. Defense Resources Management Institute, Naval Postgraduate School. November 13, 2015.

Cameron MacKenzie: Planning for large-scale disruptions by Jessi Strawn, Iowa State University, College of Engineering, October 21, 2015.

What do we do? Interview with SRA Risk Newsletter, 30(4), 10, 2010.

Integrating simulation with risk-based interdependency modeling to evaluate the consequences of an inland waterway port closure. Youtube video for Society for Risk Analysis student merit competition, 2010.