Current Advisees:

Jianhua Chen (Visiting Scholar).

Kijung Park (PhD-December 2016 expected graduation).

Yuxi Li (MS-December 2016).

Count of Alumni Advised:

Post-Docs: 5 (Denise Bauer, Mechanical Engineering, University of Idaho; Gülşen Akman, Industrial Engineering, Kocaeli University, Turkey; Ming-Chuan Chiu, Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan; Omar Ashour; Chun-yu Lin)

Visiting Scholars: (1) Burak Efe, MS student, Gazi University, Turkey; (2) Yun Ye, PhD student, Ecole Centrale-Paris, France; (3) Mahnoosh Zebardast, PhD student, Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, Politecnico di Milano; (4) Ridvan Aydin, PhD student, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

PhD students: 9

MS students: 18

MEng students: 3

BS Honors: 3

MBA students: 5

Visiting Scholars:

Burak Efe, (Visiting Scholar), “Age-gradient Physical Workload and Processing Time-based Assembly Line Worker Assignment and Balancing Problem” MS student, Department of Industrial Engineering at Gazi University, Turkey), March 2013- July 2013.

Completed Theses Advised: (P# dissertations, M# masters theses, H3 honors theses)

P9 Junfeng Ma (PhD), “A Sustainable Modular Product Design Approach with Key Components and Uncertain End-of-Life Options Consideration”, Spring 2016.

H3 Brennan Cornell (BS Honors), “Incorporating Online User Feedback into Design of IPhone: From Sentiment Analysis to Feature Definition”, May 2015.

P8 Kelly Sprehn (PhD, co-Chair, Dissertation Advisor), “Individual Differences and the Effect of Information Format on Decision Making”, May 2014.

M26 Yunfei He, (MS), “Patient Flow Interventions and Prioritization in Emergency Department”, May 2013.

M25 Ting Lei, (MS), “GIS-Based Hierarchical Multi-Objective Supply Chain Design: A Proposed Tool & Case Study”, May 2013.

P7 Chun-Yu Lin (PhD), “An Investigation on the Applicability of Dynamic State Variable Models to Multiple-Generation Product Decisions”, Defense Date: December 2012.

M24 Nirup Philip (MS), “An Investigation on the Supply Chain Implications of Modularized Designs Considering End-of-Life Options”, December 2012.

P6 Omar Ashour, (PhD), “Patient Family Identification through Group Technology and Its Impact on Static Complexity and System Performance in the Emergency Department”, December 2012.

M23 Kijung Park, (MEng), “Complexity Metrics in Design and Manufacturing: A Review and A Case Study”, December 2012.

P5 Wu Hsun Chung, (PhD, co-Chair, Dissertation Advisor), “A Modular Design Approach Based on Optimized Closed-Loop Supply Chains to Improve the Product Life Cycle”, December 2012.

P4 Lourdes Medina, (PhD; co-Chair, Dissertation Advisor), “A Comprehensive Approach for Medical Device Development: Incorporating Regulations, Critical Factors and Design for X in Modeling a Conceptual Framework”, May 2012.

M22 Josue Crespo, (MS), “A Multi-metric Analysis to Quantify and Assess the Design Complexity of Medical Devices”, December 2011.

M21 Tien-Kai Lin, (MS), “Design for Life Cycle: Modularity Considering End of Life Cycle and Carbon Footprint”, Summer 2011.

P3 Ming-Chuan Chiu, (PhD), “A Graph Theory-Based Integration of Product Design and Supply Chain Design”, December 2010.

P2 David Claudio, (PhD; co-Chair), “Dynamic Vitals Monitoring & Patient Scheduling in the Emergency Department: Integrating Sensing Technology with Multi-Attribute Utility Theory, December 2010.

P1 Maria Velazquez, (PhD; co-Chair, Dissertation Advisor) “Understanding the Effects of Positive and Negative Affect in Perceived Usability”, December 2010.

H2&M20 Jordan Shelton, (MS) “An Investigation of Sustainability Metrics in Industry to Aid Product Design, Production, and Distribution Processes”, December 2010.

M19 Omar Ashour, (MEng) “Fuzzy AHP and Utility Theory Based Patient Sorting in Emergency Departments”, December 2010.

M18 Elizabeth Olson, (MS) “Integration Between Product Design and Supply Chain with Consideration for Sustainability”, December 2010.

M17 Renju Mohandas, (MS) “Maximizing Cumulative Variant Profit Through Evaluation of Supply Chain Strategies”, Summer 2010.

H1 Cassandra Sotos, (BS Honors) “How to Make Product Family Size Decisions: A Proposed Approach & the Viper Stand Case Study”, Summer 2010.

M16 Sebastian Anil Philip, (MS, co-Advisor) “Environmental Analysis of Pallets Using Life Cycle Analysis And Multi-Objective Dynamic Programming”, December 2010.

M15 Chun-yu Lin, (MS) “An Exploration on the Use of Data Envelopment Analysis in the Product Design Domain”, December 2009.

M14 Taehyun Kim, (MS) “An Investigation on the Importance of Design Form and Function: Market Success and Consumer Preferences”, Summer 2009.

M13 Erica Fields, (MS) “Selection of a Preference Aggregation Method for Emergency Room Nurse Triage Decisions”, Spring 2009.

M12 Saraj Gupta, (MS) “Computer-Aided Generation of Modularized Conceptual Designs With Assembly and Variety Considerations”, December 2008.

M11 Hakan Artar, (MS) “An Investigation of the Impact of Assembly Scheduling on Product Family Design Outcomes”, May 2008.

M10 Shafin Tauhid, (MS) “Fuzzy Information Axiom Approach for Design Concept Evaluation under Uncertainty Considering Coupled Decisions”, December 2007.

M9 Mike P. Knuff, (MS, co-Advisor) “Design of a Foot-Controlled Computer Mouse Alternative for Increased Use Productivity and Physical Activity”, May 2007.

M8 Rohan A. Shirwaiker, (MS) “A Synergistic Problem Solving Approach Based on TRIZ and Axiomatic Design”, May 2007.

M7 Can E. Mutluer, (MEng) “Gender Based Power in Product Design Decision-Making”, December 2005.

M6 Girish Rao, (MS) “Developing Software Tools to Improve Situational Awareness in the Design Process”, May 2005.

M5 Ramazan Kaynak, (MBA) “Application of Sensitivity Analysis in Shipyard Investment Projects”, August 2000.

M4 Haluk Erdem, (MBA) “Computer Usage in Production Scheduling: A Case Study-Pasabahce Sisecam Fabrikasi”, August 2000.

M3 Banu Beyazit, (MBA) “Supplier Management Quality”, June 2000.

M2 Salih Sinoglu, (MBA) “Project Management and Type: A Survey Study in Agro-Chemical Sector”, February 2000.

M1 Serkan Koltuk, (MBA) “Advantages of ISO 9000 System and Quality Training for Manufacturing Companies in Turkey”, January 2000.

Ahmet Simsek, (MBA) “An Improved Model for Plastic Waste Management”, August 1998.

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