Concurrent Degree Programs

If you are considering going to graduate school, our concurrent B.S./Master’s programs in industrial engineering are an excellent opportunity to obtain both degrees.

Our concurrent B.S./Master’s programs in industrial engineering (M.S. or M.Eng.), engineering management (M.Eng.), or systems engineering (M.Eng.) are an excellent opportunity to obtain both degrees within 5 years. Up to 6 credits of graduate course work can be used to satisfy your program requirements for both degrees. After completing the B.S. program, you will be considered a full-time graduate student for the remainder of the Master’s program.

Program Policies

  • Up to two semesters of concurrent enrollment are allowed.
  • Students can enroll in up to nine credits of coursework at the 500-level in Industrial Engineering for both the B.S. and M.S./M.Eng. degrees. Six credits will be shared with your undergraduate degree. The remaining three credits will be applied to your M.S. or M.Eng. degree.
  • Students must take at least three credits of 500-level courses each semester during concurrent enrollment and will be paying graduate tuition and fees.
  • Students participating in the concurrent program must adhere to the requirements for the graduate degree program in which they are enrolled.

Admission Requirements

Students must have a record of high academic achievement and should have a GPA of at least 3.40 on a 4.00 scale.  Students must be within 30 credits of completing the requirements for the B.S. degree before applying to the concurrent program.  Prospective students must speak with their undergraduate advisor prior to applying.


Completed applications are due January 15 for Fall consideration and September 1 for Spring consideration.

Applications received prior to the applicable deadline will receive full consideration.

Application Documents

The following items must be uploaded to your online application (excluding item #3):

  1. Concurrent Enrollment Request Form
  2. Statement of Purpose*
  3. One Letter of Recommendation**
  4. Résumé
  5. Transcript***
  6. Undergraduate graduation plan***
  7. Grad College Concurrent Application (fill out top part)

Explanation of Documents

*Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose (SOP) should be structured as follows:

Answer the following four questions (maximum of 125 words on each question with a maximum of 500 word limit for the entire document.  It is strongly recommended that you adhere to the 500-word maximum.):

  • Why do you wish to pursue graduate studies in industrial engineering at ISU?
  • What are your career goals after completing your degree?
  • How have your background, education, and/or experiences prepared you for graduate study?
  • What are your research interests for a thesis or dissertation? (for M.S. and Ph.D. applicants only)

**Letter of Recommendation

The letter of recommendation (LOR) should be obtained from an IMSE faculty member.  The LOR must be delivered to the IE Graduate Program Coordinator by the faculty member who wrote the letter.  If the document is emailed, the email must be sent by the faculty member.  If an LOR is submitted contrary to these instructions, it will not be marked as having been received and the entire application may be marked as “Incomplete.”

***Transcript and Undergraduate Graduation Plan

These documents must be obtained by your undergraduate academic advisor.  Applying to the concurrent program is not permitted until you have spoken with your advisor and created a graduation plan.  Please note: you must upload a copy of the grad plan you completed with your academic advisor.

Helpful Documents

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