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0s and 1s in basecode

Sigurdur Olafsson

Meaningful and useful patterns in databases are often hidden and unexpected, which implies that they may not be uncovered by hypothesis-driven methods.

artist rendering

Frank Peters

Variability happens. A major thrust of Dr. Peters’ teaching and research is to control or minimize variability that occurs within manufacturing processes and systems.

spine xrays

Gary Mirka

Over their lifetime, nearly 70% of all individuals in the work force will have a back injury that will keep them from working.


Leslie Potter

“Time is money.” The old adage still rings true, and as industrial engineers, it is critical that we exemplify efficient and economic action. SaveSave

earth from space

Jo Min

Dr. Min is interested in the economically efficient and effective design and analysis of energy and environmental systems.

corn field

Guiping Hu

Dr. Hu applies optimization, game theory, and statistical methods to product lifecycle analysis, green manufacturing, sustainable supply chain management.

Stone Feature

The focus of our research efforts in the Human Performance and Cognitive Engineering Lab is in human performance enhancement in the both physical and mental domains.  We employ multiple approaches toward this goal, including cognitive and physiological engineering, classical and experimental ergonomics, augmented reality, and the incorporation and application of new technologies.