Transfer Students

To become an ISU student, complete the following steps:

  1. Apply to ISU
  2. Receive an acceptance letter
  3. Pay your admittance fee to the university
  4. Meet with your IMSE advisor

Campus Visits

You can schedule a campus visit with the Admissions Office and talk to an advisor.

Planning Your Transfer from a Community College

If you plan to transfer from a community college, use the transfer plans for the College of Engineering to find courses that transfer to the B.S. in IE program.

Find out which courses can be transferred in to fulfill the U.S. diversity and international perspectives requirements.

Also, learn about fulfilling the First-Year Composition requirements (English 150 and 250).

Transferring Courses

After applying to ISU, the Admissions Office will review your transcript from the other institution. They will send you a Transfer Credit Evaluation form indicating which courses transfer to ISU with your admissions letter.

Only courses with a grade of “C” or better will be considered.

Not all courses that transfer to Iowa State can be used for the B.S. in IE program.

Courses Not on a List of Approved Transfer Courses

If some of your courses aren’t on the approved list, contact Admissions directly at 1-800-262-3810 for a Transfer Credit Evaluation if a course you’ve taken or want to take while at a different college doesn’t show up on the transfer plan lists.

If Admissions evaluates the course as a 100-, 200-, or 300-level course, that means that it is not a specific ISU equivalent course, but is a freshman (100), sophomore (200), or junior (300) level course.

Once you are on campus, you can have a faculty member from the appropriate department (the sociology department if it’s a sociology class you want evaluated, etc.) conduct a specific review of the transfer course.

If you want to know about a course to determine whether you are ready for the next course in a prerequisite sequence, it is recommended that you take the course and have it reviewed when you arrive on campus.