Student Resource Library

The IMSE Department believes that professional communication skills are essential to success as an engineer in both industry and academia, and to that end, our department has many collaborative relationships with the English Department.

The IMSE Department and English faculty have been working together to create English 314 sections that are geared specifically for industrial engineering students.  The assignments are strongly influenced by the type of writing that will be required as engineers in industry.  Students are asked to go through the ubiquitous process of proposing a project, having it approved, completing the project, and then having it evaluated for correctness and usefulness.  The evaluation process is completed by both English and IMSE faculty.  The English faculty grade all assignments.  The IMSE faculty approve project proposals and determine if final deliverables are of high enough quality to be included in the “IMSE Student Resource” site.

Previous student projects that have been approved by IMSE faculty are listed below.

Industrial Engineering Course Material

Engineering Elective Course Material

  • Kirchhoff Loops

Basic Program Courses

Professional Skills and Careers