Spring 2018 Graduate Seminar Series

All seminars will be held 4:10 to 5:00 p.m. in 1140 Howe Hall (Lee Liu Auditorium), unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker Title
February 7 Stephen Gilbert
Iowa State University
“Intelligent Team Tutoring Systems: Such Great Potential, So Hard to Build”
February 14 Sigurdur Olafsson
Iowa State University
“Big Data, Small Data: A Data Mining Application in Plant Breeding”
February 21 Prahalada Rao
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
“Big Data Analytics in Additive Manufacturing”
February 28 Patrick S. Schnable
Iowa State University
“Challenges Facing Crop Production and (some) Potential Solutions”
March 28 Fazleena Badurdeen
University of Kentucky
“Integrated Decision Support Tools for Multi-Lifecycle Sustainable Product Design”
April 4 Saeed Khaki
Iowa State University
“Genotype – Environment Interaction (G by E) Analysis Using Deep Neural Networks”
April 11 Hieu Pham
Iowa State University
“Biclustering Sparse Data”
April 18 Guiping Hu
Iowa State University
“Advance Plant Breeding through Optimized Planning and Management: Challenges and Opportunities for Industrial Engineers”