Focus Areas

The Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IMSE) has research emphasis in the following areas:

Operations Research and Analytics

Operations Research and Analytics is the application of advanced analytical methods to make better data-driven decisions with less risk. Faculty in this area use mathematical and computer models that incorporate simulation, optimization, probability and statistics to understand complex systems and improve system performance.

advanced manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing research includes the investigation of new production methods for advanced products, studying process parameters of new processes, and understanding the interaction of processes in advanced manufacturing systems. Current IMSE efforts in this area include rapid manufacturing systems, advanced metrology and inspection, control and automation systems, and industrial energy efficiency.

human factors and ergonomics

Human Factors and Ergonomics

Human factors and ergonomics research is the application of our understanding of the capabilities and limitations of human beings in the design of the workplace and consumer items. Current emphasis areas in IMSE include 1) physical ergonomics with a particular focus on spine biomechanics, prevention of low back injury and hand/wrist disorders such as tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome and 2) cognitive engineering with a focus on augmented human performance and human computer interaction.

systems engineering

Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

Systems Engineering and Engineering Management researchers analyze complex problems from a systems-level view to inform decision makers. These multi-disciplinary fields incorporate methodologies and tools from across engineering and business, model human behavior within complex systems, and emphasize interpersonal, leadership, and financial skills crucial for managers.