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Welcome to the Iowa Section of ASNT (Region 13)! 

American Society for Nondestructive Testing is the largest technical society for nondestructive testing (NDT) professionals.

Information about Iowa section:


Board of Directors


Hantang Qin


Mohammad Tayeb Al Qaseer


Weijun Shen


Xuepeng Jiang

Past Chairman

Zhan Zhang

Section Director

Liangkui Jiang

Invited Speaker for 2021-2022

Wednesday, Sep 22nd, 2021:

Dr. Robert Gao, Cady Staley Professor of Engineering and Department Chair, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Case Western Reserve University

Expertise: Multi-physics sensing methods, mechatronics, stochastic modeling, machine learning, deep learning for advanced manufacturing, cyber physical system condition monitoring, RF and acoustic-based wireless data transmission

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Meeting ID: 512 475 9039

Wednesday, Oct 20th, 2021:

Dr. Chengzhi Shi, Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

Expertise: Acoustic wave interactions with different components

Location: Hoover Hall 1213, 528 Bissell Rd, Ames, IA 50012

Time: Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021 – 4:25 PM – 5:25 PM

Wednesday, Nov 17th, 2021: 

Dr. Jiaze He, Assistant Professor, The University of Alabama

Expertise: computational ultrasonic imaging, full waveform inversion, nondestructive evaluation

Meeting Place: Virtual meeting via Webex / or at Center for Nondestructive Evaluation

No Meeting in summer (May – July)

Meeting Attendance is at no cost

Tentative meeting agenda:

Iowa Section’s Awards

What is ASNT?

American Society for Nondestructive Testing is the world’s largest technical society for nondestructive testing (NDT) professionals.

History of ASNT

It was formed in 1941 to provide opportunities for people to get involved with education, research, Section Operations, and leadership dealing with Quality and NDT.

How can I take part?

The Iowa Section holds monthly meetings in which you are cordially invited to attend. If you are interested, please contact the Iowa Section Secretary

The ASNT website has additional information you can view at

Contact Information

Dr. Hantang Qin

Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering
3019 Black Engineering Building
College of Engineering

Center for Nondestructive Evaluation
215A ASC II, 1915 Scholl Road

Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011

Phone: (515) 294-1248

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