Good news to share _ FEAP Group _ April 2020

During this depressing period of Convid-19 time, it is also important to share some good news from our group members. Hoping this may cheer group members up and stay emotionally positive along the way.
  1. Yiliang and Prashant’s patent has been approved by the ISU patent office, and will be filed as a US patent in April. Congrats!
    1. Y. Cheng, P. Polampally, X. Shi, and H. Qin, “3D printing and characterization of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and methylcellulose for biodegradable support structures”, Approved at Iowa State University Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Office (ISURF 04987), will be filed in April 2020.
  2. We have a list of journal articles accepted in the past 3-months. The authors include Yanhua, Xuepeng, Liangkui, Karthick, Yiliang, Xiao, and Sandeep! Congrats to all of you who made the list! 
    1. Y. Huang, L. Jiang, B. Li, P. Premaratne, S. Jiang*, H. Qin*, “Study Effects of Particle Size in Metal Nanoink for Electrohydrodynamic Inkjet Printing Through Analysis of Droplet Impact Behaviors”, Accepted at Journal of Manufacturing Processes.
    2. K. Manikandan, K. Wi, X. Zhang, K. Wang, and H. Qin*, “Characterizing cement mixtures for concrete 3D printing”,  Manufacturing Letters, 24 (2020): 33-37.
    3. Y. Cheng, X. Shi*, X. Jiang, X. Wang, H. Qin*, “Printability of a Cellulose Derivative for Extrusion-Based 3D Printing: The Application on a Biodegradable Support Material”, Accepted at Frontiers in Materials: 3D Printing of Bio-inspired Structures.
    4. X. Zhang, Y. Zheng, S. Wang, Q. Li, B. Li*, and H. Qin*, “Correlation Approach for 3D Surface Measurement Data of Additive Manufactured Parts Based on Optical Metrology.” Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 53 (2020): 310-317.
    5. C-C Kuo, H. Qin*, D. F. Acuña, Y. Cheng, X Jiang, and X. Shi*, “Printability of Hydrogel Composites Using Extrusion-Based 3D Printing and Post-Processing with Calcium Chloride”, HSOA Journal of Food Science and Nutrition
    6. K. Wi, V. Suresh, K. Wang, B. Li, and H. Qin*, “Quantifying Quality of 3D Printed Products Using a Structured Light System”, Additive Manufacturing32 (2020): 100987.
    7. Y. Zheng, X. Zhang, S. Wang, Q. Li, H. Qin*, and B. Li*, “Similarity Evaluation of Topography Measurement Results by Different Optical Metrology Technologies for Additive Manufactured Parts”, Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 126 (2020): 105920.
    8. S. Ravi-Kumar, X. Zhang, B. Lies, L. Jiang, and H. Qin*, “An area-depth approximation model of micro-drilling on high-density polyethylene (HDPE) soft films using pulsed laser ablation”, ASME-Journal of Micro- and Nano-Manufacturing, 7(4) (Dec 2019): 044501.
  3. Even though we are not sure about how conferences will be in summer, but achievements have been made! Congrats!
    1. Liangkui and Xiao made to finalist (final four) of IISE 2020 annual conference: Data Analytics and Information Systems (DAIS) Division_IISE-DAIS Mobile/Web App Competition
    2. Liangkui, Yanhua, Karthick, Sandeep all have papers accepted at NAMRC48/MSEC2020 conferences.
  4. Three master students to earn a degree soon.
    1. Karthick, Prashant, and Sandeep will earn their degrees in the next two weeks.

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