Welcome to the Flexible Electronics and Additive Printing (FEAP) Laboratory!

There is a NASA June webinar, feel free to join:


My team is in transition now to the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Our whole group will travel for a NASA flight test mission May 2022.

A newspiece of Dec, 2021 test is here:



The FEAP lab specializes in research areas including micro/nano scale fabrication, novel additive manufacturing processes, rapid prototyping methods and tools, and manufacturing systems based on inkjet printing and laser ablation for flexible electronics and optoelectronics. The research includes but not limited to scaffolds fabrication for biomedical applications, laser ablation, real-time monitoring and automation, CAD/CAM systems, 3D printing, topography optimization, multi-material and multi-scale fabrication based on additive printing.

If you have any questions or collaboration requests regarding to 3D printing or additive manufacturing, feel free to contact Dr. Qin at qin@iastate.edu.

Our group has participated in over $5 million on research funding. Click the links here or the “Menu” (left side toolbar if on a mobile device) to learn more about our funded research projects, publications, teaching, service, equipment, and group members.

Dr. Qin currently serves as the Chairman of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Iowa Section. Click this link here to learn more about the chapter activities ASNT Iowa Section.


The main research lab is located at 0086 Black Engineering Building, Iowa State University, Ames, IA.

The student’s innovation lab, In-situ Characterization for Additive Printing Laboratory (iCAP), is located at Center for Nondestructive Evaluation, 224 ASC II, 1915 School Rd. 

The FEAP lab seeks applicants for one Ph.D. scholarship positions. Check the News Section for more information. 

Contact Information

Dr. Hantang Qin

Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering
3019 Black Engineering Building
College of Engineering

Center for Nondestructive Evaluation
215A ASC II, 1915 Scholl Road

Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011

Phone: (515) 294-1248
Email: qin@iastate.edu

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