Diversity and Inclusion

A student works with a co-bot, which is a combination of the words "collaborative" and "robot." The idea is that the robot is not fully autonomous and requires the operator to work with it.

In IMSE we strive to build a culture that champions diversity and inclusion. We commit to recruit and retain diverse faculty, staff, and students with the support of several diversity and inclusion initiatives.

We recognize that diversity and inclusion are essential in preparing our students to be successful engineers and welcome the opportunity to play a critical role in helping workers, companies, and leaders meet the needs of the changing American workforce.

IMSE Advocacy

IMSE’s Director for Inclusion is Dr. Rick Stone. Feel free to reach out to him directly with any concerns you have if you’d like to talk with someone. He will be discreet, be a good listener, and help you plan next steps.

IMSE also has a standing committee for diversity and inclusion that seeks to promote a more equitable culture within our department. Please reach out to its members with any suggestions or concerns about this: Stephen Gilbert, Qing Li.

Stephen Gilbert smiles and wears a red collared shirt.
Qing Li smiles while wearing a blue collared shirt and a suit coat.
Rick Stone smiles while wearing a suit, with a white collared shirt and a blue neck tie.

A student performs a surgical operation on a mannequin. The student is wearing safety glasses, a face mask, rubber gloves and a white lab coat. A professor can be seen in the background guiding her through the process. Multicultural Students

IMSE supports the College of Engineering’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts and its Strategic Plan to recruit and retain people who enhance the diversity and inclusive culture of the college, as well as invest in efforts to promote multicultural competencies. We welcome 63 students from underrepresented racial or ethnic groups (11% of all students).

If you’re a student, consider participating in ISU’s LEAD (Leadership through Engineering Academic Diversity) program.

International Students

IMSE welcomes 89 students from 22 countries outside the US. We celebrate world cultures and strive to cultivate intercultural understanding among our students, faculty, and staff. We are committed to fostering international student success.

Need help with a class presentation, paper editing, or simply spoken English? Undergrads try the Writing and Media Center; graduate students try the Center for Communication Excellence.

Struggling in a course? Use free or low-cost services at the Academic Success Center.

Women in IMSE

IMSE enthusiastically supports women in engineering (33% of the department). We seek to recruit more women as students, to create more opportunities for our existing female students, and to help increase the numbers of women in traditionally underrepresented fields like information systems, operations research, manufacturing, human factors, and systems engineering.

The Program for Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) is a resource for all female-identifying undergraduate students who are enrolled in a STEM major at Iowa State.