Richard Stone

Richard T. Stone

Associate Professor

Research Interests

The core of my research is in human performance enhancement in both physical and mental domains. I employ multiple approaches toward this goal, including cognitive and physiological engineering, classical and experimental ergonomics, augmented reality, and the incorporation and application of new technologies. My past research has involved the development of design methodologies for AR and multisensory devices, telerobotic control system development, the application of biomechanics for improved sports performance and the development of visualization tools for improving battle space awareness.

Recent Publications

  1. Schniders, T., Stone, R., Oviatt, T., Danford-Klein, E., “ARCtiC LawE – An Upper Body Exoskeleton for Firearm Training” Augmented Human, (accepted), 2016.
  2. Krejci, C., Dorneich, M.C., & Stone, R., . “Assessing Values-Based Sourcing Strategies in Regional Food Supply Networks: An Agent-Based Approach” The Journal on Policy & Complex Systems, (accepted), 2016.
  3. Krejci, C., Stone, R., Dorneich, M.C., & Gilbert, S. “Analysis of Food Hub Commerce and Participation using Agent-Based Modeling: Integrating Financial and
    Social Drivers,” Human Factors (58) 1 (Special Issue: Human Factors Prize on Sustainability), pp. 58-79, 2016.
  4. AbdulMohsen Al-Besher, Richard T. Stone, “Current state of M-government research: comparing E-government and M-government research and their effect on civic engagement”, accepted by International Journal of Electronic Governance, 8 (2), 2016.
  5. Byrd, A., Stone, R., & Anderson, R., “The Use of Virtual Welding Simulators to Evaluate Experienced Welders”, Welding, 94 (12), 2015.
  6. Richard T. Stone, † Brandon Moeller, † Robert Mayer, † Bryce Rosenquist, Darin, Van Ryswyk, † Drew Eichorn, “Biomechanical and Performance Implications of Weapon Design: A Comparison Between Bullpup and Conventional Rifle Configurations“, Human Factors 56 (4), pp. 684-695, 2014.
  7. Frank Peters, Richard Stone, †Kris Watts, † Peihan Zhong, † Alex Clemons, “Visual Inspection of Casting Surfaces”, AFS Transactions, 2013.
  8. Peihan Zhong, Richard T. Stone, “Automated Kinesthetic Trainer Enhances Kinesthetic Memory Development”, International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 43 (3), pp. 238-245, 2013.
  9. Richard T. Stone, † Elease McLaurin, † Peihan Zhong, † Kris Watts, “Full Virtual Reality vs. Integrated Virtual Reality Training in Welding”, Welding 92(6), pp. 167s-174s, 2013.
  10. Richard T. Stone, “Human Power Generation Design Assessment: An Evaluation of Ergonomic Risk, Metabolic Burden, and Overall Design Efficiency”, International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics 1 (3), pp. 282-297, 2012.

IMSE Courses Taught

IE 681: Cognitive Engineering 3
IE 671: Research Practicum in Ergonomics 3
IE 577: Human Factors 3
IE 576: Human Factors in Product Design 3
IE 571: Occupational Biomechanics 3
IE 271: Applied Ergonomics and Work Design 3
IE 148: Information Engineering 3
AER X: Spaceflight Operations Training Course 3*

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Office: 3027 Black Engineering
Phone: 515-294-3644
Fax: 515-294-3524


Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, University at Buffalo, the State University of New York, 2008

M.S., Information Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2001

B.S., Management Information Systems, Minor in Philosophy (Magna Cum Laude), Rochester Inst. of Technology, 1999

Advanced University Certificate, Robotics and Computer Aided Manufacturing, Rochester Inst. of Technology, 2001

Advanced University Certificate, Environmental Management Science, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2002

Curriculum Vita