Schedule an appointment using “ISU Appointments”

You are now able to schedule your appointments online, using Iowa State University’s online scheduling system, “ISU Appointments.”

This new system will allow you to choose the day, time, and reason for your advising meeting and the system allows you to include more detailed information regarding the purpose of your appointment.  When you schedule your appointment you also have the option to request an email reminder so you will never miss an advising appointment!

Please note:  The system will not allow you to book appointments during time slots you have class.


  1. Log into AccessPlus
  2. Click on the red “Student” tab
  3. Locate “ISU Appointments” from the listing in the menu on the left-hand side
  4. Read the message on the screen and click “Continue”
  5. From there, please use the weekly appointment calendar directly above the “Request Appointment” button and find an available appointment time.