Virtual Operator Modeling

Modeling technology is well developed and employed in wide range of areas, e.g. product development, equipment and operation performance assessment, equipment and operation optimization, etc. Most of the situations human play an important roles, which can directly affect the actual results. Therefore human need to be studied, especially for their machine operation skills, strategies, and decision making process. With a well-developed human operator model, product development can be improved, more precise assessment results can be acquired. Human operator model can also be beneficial for other areas, e.g. artificial intelligence, and autonomous technology.
combine unloading grain
The conducted project is aimed to develop a human operator model to perform human operator’s operation techniques and strategies, and simulate their decision making process to control the construction or agricultural machine models. The operator model can enable early machine prototype assessment to reduce product development effort. On the other hand automatic function of the machine can be optimized considering human operator’s skills, strategies, and decision making process. Future work can be also expanded for studying the human machine interaction using human operator model, the simulation results can inform more accurate analysis for operability, productivity, and fuel efficiency with closed loop by connecting human operator model and machine model.