Pilot performance considerations for sensor technologies

The project investigates pilot performance implications of displaying the output of sensor-based technologies on the flight deck. The primary focus will be on light detection and ranging (LIDAR) and millimeter wave RADAR (MWR) technologies, but other multi-sensor IR and real-time imaging technologies will be studied to understand the range of sensor technology. These technologies can be used for synthetic, enhanced vision, or combined vision systems, and can also be used for sensing and displaying meteorological phenomena such as winds, turbulence, and cloud cover.

The effectiveness of displays of these technologies are expected to be impacted by information quality factors (e.g. time lag, accuracy, and resolution) as well as other aspects (e.g. display location, symbology, and flight conditions).

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Collaboration with:
- Dr. Steve J. Landry (PI), Purdue University
- Dr. Amy R. Pritchett (Co-PI), Georgia Institute of Technology

Güliz Tokadlı

Güliz Tokadlı, M.S.

PhD student
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Human Computer Interaction