Augmented Weather Interfaces Project

The augmented weather interfaces project (AWIP) expands the use cases for augmented weather information in training and in the cockpit. Initial development of an augmented reality weather training application (WeatherXplore) was done at Western Michigan University (WMU). This WeatherXplore application generated interest with user stakeholders, content providers, and potential industry partners. We work with WMU to apply the augmented reality capabilities demonstrated in WeatherXplore to additional content areas and collaborative learning settings. This type of augmented reality application is relatively new to the flight training community so we will also provide support materials to assist flight schools, content providers, and others in adapting the materials to their training situation.


The work we do on this project is a response to the suggested tasks in the WTIC program office's white paper and their indication of its importance to pilots and flight instructors. Close collaboration between WMU and ISU will enable development of new 3D cloud and weather models to provide students with the ability to learn about and interact with 3D objects and weather phenomena. Creation of assessment tools and learning modules will enhance engagement with the GA pilot community and industry partners.

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Dr. Eliot Winer (ISU)

Prof. Lori Brown (WMU)

Dr. Geoff Whitehurst (WMU)

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Philippe Meister

PhD Student in Professional Communication and Human Computer Interaction