Capstone Program

Capstone is our one-semester senior design course where students engage in industry projects and practice industrial engineering under the guidance of an experienced Registered Professional Engineer, as well as engineers and managers from the sponsor company.  The objective of these projects is to provide economic value to the company and a practical education to the students.

Why do it?

In the Fall of 2013, 8 projects were performed at 4 different companies.  These companies were asked to provide their personal realistic estimate of the economic value of their student projects.  The project values ranged from $2,500 to $120,000 with an average value of $37,000 and 7 of 8 projects having a value of over $20,000.  Since these projects cost $3,000 to $5,000 per company, the average return was over 7-fold.

What kind of projects?

Our students are educated in Workplace Design, 5S/VSM and LEAN, Time Estimation and Process Engineering, Factory Layout, Scheduling, Inventory Analysis (Kanban/Kitting/Classification/EOQ), Product/Process Quality Analysis, Process Simulation, Ergonomics, Data Mining and Statistical Analysis, Manufacturability Analysis, Economic Modeling, VB.NET/VBA/SQL Programming and Industrial Automation CNC/RFID/BarCode/PLC Prog/Transducer Selection.  We look for projects with an economic impact potential of over $50,000 (Net Present Worth at your IRR).

How to get started:  

Contact Dave Sly, 515-450-2335 (

For more information read the IMSE Capstone Program (2014/2015) Flyer.