Financial Assistance

Financing your IMSE graduate degree

The Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering seeks to recruit top engineering talent into its graduate program. To meet this goal we offer competitive assistantship opportunities to top graduate student prospects, both domestic and international. Graduate assistantships provide incredible opportunities for our graduate students to develop the skills needed for a successful career in academia, government, or industry. Teaching assistantships are one source of departmental support and the graduate student fulfilling this role will support a faculty member as they teaching their undergraduate courses. Typical duties include grading papers, holding office hours, supervising lab sessions, and, in some advanced cases, developing and delivering lectures in the classroom. Research assistantships, on the other hand, pair a graduate student with a faculty member that shares their particular research interests. Typical duties for research assistantships include, performing literature reviews, running experiments, analyzing data, and writing research papers. Both of these employment opportunities help the graduate student to develop the skills that will make them a productive domain-area expert upon graduation.

The compensation for these graduate assistantships has multiple components. Our assistantships provide a monthly stipend (living expenses) that range from $1,900 to $2,500 per month for a 50% employment agreement. These assistantships also provide health insurance, a reduction in the standard computer fee, and tuition support. All students receiving an assistantship are assessed tuition at the resident (i.e. in state) tuition rate. For our PhD students, this resident tuition is completely covered by the department as part of their compensation package. For our Master’s students, the department covers 50% of this resident tuition as part of their compensation package. An important consideration when comparing compensation packages across universities is the cost of living for that geographical region. Ames, Iowa has a relatively low cost of living meaning that our stipend goes much further than those offered by universities in larger metropolitan areas.

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For more information, please contact our Student Services office at or 515-294-0129.