Max Morris

Max Morris


Research Interests

Dr. Morris’s research is primarily focused on problems of experimental design, especially for studies involving computational models. Recent applications involve experimental design for response surface problems characterized by known symmetries among experimental factors, and experiments for evaluating and validating matching processes used in forensic science. The design and analysis of computer experiments (DACE), involves the planning/selection of “runs” of a large computer model and subsequent examination of the resulting output to validate, calibrate, or develop relatively fast-running approximations of the model.

Recent Publications

  1. Morris, M.D., “Gaussian Surrogates for Computer Models with Time-Varying Inputs and Outputs,” Technometrics 54, 2012.
  2. Reising, M., M.D. Morris, S.B. Vardeman, and S. Higbee, \Modeling Spectral-Temporal Data from Point Source Events,” Technometrics 53, 2011.
  3. Vardeman, S., J. Wendelberger, T. Burr, M. Hamada, L. Moore, M. Morris, J. M. Jobe, and H. Wu, Elementary Statistical Methods and Measurement,” The American Statistician 64, 2010, 52-58.
  4. Chumbley, L.S., M.D. Morris, M.J. Kreiser, C. Fisher, J. Craft, L.J. Genalo, S. Davis, D. Faden, and J. Kidd, \Validation of Tool Mark Comparisons Obtained Using a Qualitative, Comparative Statistical Algorithm,” Journal of Forensic Sciences 55, 2010, 953-961.
  5. Morris, M.D., Comments following Jones and Johnson, “The Design and Analysis of the Gaussian Process Model,” Quality and Reliability Engineering International, to appear (2009).
  6. Morris, M.D., B. Dilts, S.J. Birrell, and P.M. Dixon, “Composite Response Surface Designs for Factors with Jointly Symmetric Effects,” Technometrics 51(2), 109-119 (2009).
  7. Faden, D., J. Kidd, J. Craft, L.S. Chumbley, M.D. Morris, L. Genalo, J. Kreiser, and S. Davis, “Statistical Confirmation of Empirical Observations Concerning Toolmark Striae,” Association of Firearm and Toolmark Examiners Journal, to appear (2009).
  8. Ostrouchov, G., W.E. Doll, L.P. Beard, M.D. Morris, and D.A. Wolf, “Multiscale Structure of UXO Site Characterization: Spatial Estimation and Uncertainty Quantification,” Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 23(2), 215-225 (2009).
  9. Morris, M.D., L.M. Moore, and M.D. McKay, “Using Orthogonal Arrays in the Sensitivity Analysis of Computer Models,” Technometrics 50(2), 205-215 (2008).
  10. Drignei, D., and M.D. Morris, “Empirical Bayesian Analysis for Computer Experiments Involving Finite-Difference Codes,” Journal of the American Statistical Association 101(476), 1527-1536 (2006).

IMSE Courses Taught

IE 361 Statistical Quality Assurance



Office: 3020 Black Engineering/102 Snedecor
Phone: 515-294-2775
Fax: 515-294-3524


Ph.D. Statistics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1977)

M.S. Statistics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1975)

B.S. Mathematics (with Honors), Oklahoma State University (1973)

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